Action For Biodiversity

Project Title:                   Action for Biodiversity

Project Partners:       10 Member Councils of EBR LTD

Project Budget:         £815,455

Project Aim: Action for Biodiversity aims to deliver a coordinated approach to biodiversity on a regional and cross border basis.  The working group devised the idea of developing a Regional Framework for Biodiversity after a considerable number of meetings, devising and refining the project vision and aims.  It is considered flexible enough to meet the different needs for each local authority, while at the same time offering the security of targets and bench marks at regional and local level

The overall aim of ACTION FOR BIODIVERSITY is to deliver a coordinated approach to biodiversity conservation and promotion on a cross border regional basis through the development and delivery of a regional biodiversity framework.

The project will deliver on this aim by working on three key objectives:

  1. Building capacity
  2. Raising awareness
  3. Biodiversity conservation and enhancement

1.         Building Capacity

- Project staff to assist Local Authorities to develop and implement a Regional Biodiversity Framework through a regional structure

- Targeted training

- Active engagement with NGOs and other stakeholders to deliver of local and regional actions.

-Local Authorities to achieve at least three agreed step changes in the delivery of a biodiversity agenda in their jurisdiction.

2.         Raising Awareness:

- Survey to establish baseline awareness of biodiversity in the EBR

- Design and deliver targeted communication messages on "why biodiversity matters"

- 3 regional events to promote Biodiversity

- Develop a project website

3.         Biodiversity conservation and biodiversity enhancement:

- Deliver of 5 regional and minimum of 10 local projects identified in the Regional Biodiversity Framework

Project Summary: Action for Biodiversity is a 3 year project which aims to develop and successfully deliver a regional and cross border Biodiversity Framework for the East Border Region.

The Framework will engage local authorities and communities with biodiversity, raise awareness and build capacity for the protection of habitats and species and ecosystems in the region.   The project will demonstrate a clear and measurable link between a strong, vibrant economy and a functioning healthy environment with biodiversity at its core. 

This project will clearly demonstrate that a healthy species-rich environment is also one which supports healthy communities.  Biodiversity loss is our loss, and we consider that collaboration at a regional cross-border level will be an effective way to help stop its loss

At present, while each council may work towards improving biodiversity in its own area, this is very disjointed, with some authorities carrying out a range of improvements while others have a very low capacity to deliver.  Currently, local authorities do not generally work together for biodiversity.  There is very much to be gained by changing this approach to one of partnership and inter-council working.  The fact that the project will also be cross-border, means that another boundary is crossed to allow for the flow of information, services and physical work on the ground.

Some designated sites which straddle the border, suffer from differing management regimes between the two jurisdictions.  This is unhelpful and can be potentially detrimental to biodiversity as actions and management are not well coordinated.  The project will encourage cross-border liaison and works to minimize discrepancies.

Action for Biodiversity aims to look beyond the boundaries and to view the region as a whole, identifying weaknesses for improvement and strengths to be built on and used for the sharing of good practice.  Rather than being inward looking and self focused, which is how local authorities work in general, Action for Biodiversity is an outward looking project, taking the best examples and expertise of each area and moulding them to improve biodiversity on a regional basis.

The Regional Biodiversity Framework produced by this project will form the basis of biodiversity delivery in the region for many years to come, certainly well beyond the life-span of the project.  To measure success, it is essential to know the starting point and the framework will provide this as well as providing a template for future growth.

The benefits that will be seen, both in terms of projects delivered on the ground and the increase in public awareness, will encourage local authorities to continue to work in this area and the knowledge and skills developed, both through training and shared experience will lead to a greater capacity to deliver for the future.   Local communities will have been empowered to take action in their own areas and may work with a variety of bodies - environmental NGOs, local authorities and businesses to continue this into the future.



For Further Information on this project please contact:

Mr Ron Murray

Project Officer

Tel: 028 3831 1676


Ms Carmel Brennan

Project Officer

Tel: 00353 47 73716


Ms Abby  McSherry

Project Officer

Tel: 028 3031 3100



  • Monaghan
  • LCC
  • MCC
  • Newry, Mourne and Down District Council
  • Ards and North Down Borough Council
  • Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council