In order to achieve its key values East Border Region Ltd has set the following objectives.

1. Policy and Strategy

  • to DEVELOP realistic and achievable policies for the Region, at a regional level, and to lobby for their implementation
  • to RESPOND, on behalf of the region, to national strategies

2. Co-operation

  • to FACILITATE and ENCOURAGE economic and other co-operation between the ten councils and with the four other Cross-Border Networks and to liaise with the Border Regional Authority and other organisations
  • to PLAY AN ACTIVE PART in the arrangements for North-South co-operation and to maintain an active relationship with the European Commission
  • to CO-ORDINATE local authority inputs to all cross-border funding sources
  • to ENCOURAGE and MOTIVATE, but not manage bi-lateral co-operation between East Border Region local authorities

3. Projects

  • To ACT AS DEVELOPER of cross-border projects where the project is regional in nature
  • To IDENTIFY and LOBBY for flagship projects appropriate for the East Border Region

4. Monitoring

  • To MONITOR the development of the East Border Region in the context of implementation, spend and impact

5. Profile

  • To PROMOTE the East Border Region Committee Region and the member Councils



  • Monaghan
  • LCC
  • MCC
  • Newry, Mourne and Down District Council
  • Ards and North Down Borough Council
  • Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council