Life Sciences Supply Chain Clustering Project

Project Title: The Life Sciences Supply Chain Clustering Project (LSSCCP)

Project Partners:       Craigavon Borough Council

                                  Down District Council

                                  Newry and Mourne District Council

                                  Louth County Council

                                  Meath County Council

Project Budget:           £418,711

Project Aim: 

The overall aim of the LSSCCP project is to help develop the economy in the EBR region by improving the capacity of local small and medium sized enterprises to offer services to the life sciences sector. This will work to generate income and create jobs in local companies and along with a targeted marketing campaign work to attract investment from the life sciences sector into the region

The LSSCCP project seeks to facilitate the establishment of a cluster of SMEs / micro enterprises which have the capacity, capability and the confidence to service many of the needs of major life sciences companies in the area, thereby replacing products / services which are at present typically imported from other parts of the world.

We also anticipate that the fast track development of a credible and sustainable supply chain will allow the East Border region to position itself strongly as a viable region for other non-indigenous life sciences companies that are contemplating investing in operating facilities in Ireland.

Project Summary:

Our research has shown that, in common with many other sectors, the life sciences sector in Ireland continues to have difficulty sourcing much of its supply chain requirements from local suppliers. Consequently, many of these companies are obliged to source products / services from outside Ireland.

Our proposal centres around the aim of building a credible and sustainable supply chain which will be made up of SMEs and micro enterprises from across the East Border Region and which will have specific expertise in servicing the needs of major customers in the life sciences sector.

The rationale for the project is that the East Border Region already has a number of major life sciences companies in the area, namely Almac and Norbrook Laboratories.

It is the intention that these existing companies will form the initial basis of the project but that major life science companies in other parts of Ireland will ultimately be targeted by SMEs / micro enterprises which benefit through the process in terms of enhanced capability, capacity and confidence.

Furthermore, we are confident that if this project works effectively, the existence of a fledgling indigenous supply chain that has specific expertise in the life science sectors can realistically prove to be an extremely attractive proposition for FDI companies in this sector which are considering establishing a subsidiary in the British Isles.

We therefore envisage numerous benefits to this project including:

  • Creation of major added value commercial opportunities for the SME / micro enterprise sector across the EBR region.
  • Creation of export development opportunities for participating SMEs / micro enterprises participating as they develop the skills and the confidence to position themselves credibly as future suppliers to other non-local life sciences companies.
  • Establishment of the East Border Region as a highly attractive location for other non indigenous life sciences companies which are considering the establishment of a subsidiary in UK / Ireland.

For Further Information on this project please contact:


Ms Louise Cushnahan

Project Officer

Tel: 028 3831 2408


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