Mourne Cooley Gullion Geo Tourism

Project Title:              Mourne Cooley Gullion Geo Tourism Project  

Project Partners:       10 Member Councils of EBR LTD

                                    Mourne Heritage Trust


Project Budget:            £1,390,719

Project Aim: To develop a competitive, internationally recognised tourism destination within the East Border Region taking advantage in particular, of the prized landscape and related cultural heritage of the Mourne-Cooley-Gullion area, while raising awareness of and protecting this natural resource, complemented by a suite of dispersed high quality natural resource based tourism attractions which would allow the wider region to take advantage of this core driver (the upland areas).


Project Summary: This project will create a high quality visitor experience and identity based primarily on the internationally important geology at the heart of the region and related natural and cultural heritage. Firstly the coherent and high quality landscape of the Mourne, Cooley and Gullion uplands will be matched with coherent and high quality visitor infrastructure, servicing and marketing, allowing it to take advantage of its strategic location straddling the Belfast/Dublin road and rail routes (the Eastern Economic Corridor)  as a hub for 'geo-tourism'. Work will include public education/consultation, access infrastructure, interpretation materials, events & tours, and targeted marketing initiatives. Specific complementary 'satellite' sites in other parts of the region, guided by development plans, will be equipped to better cater for the natural resource based tourism attractions and thus both prolong stays and disperse benefits across the Ireland/Northern Ireland border region.

For Further Information on this project please contact:


Mr John Devaney

Project Manager

Tel: 028 3025 6651




  • Monaghan
  • LCC
  • MCC
  • Newry, Mourne and Down District Council
  • Ards and North Down Borough Council
  • Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council