Smart Eco Hub

Project Title:             Smart Eco Hub  

Project Partners:       10 Member Councils of EBR LTD

                                  Dundalk Institute of Technology

                                  Southern Regional College

                                  South Eastern Regional College


                                  Centre for Competitivenesses

                                  University of Ulster


Project Budget:               968,001 euro

Project Aim:

The aim of the Smart Eco Hub Network is to enable vibrant low carbon innovation in the region so that it can become a key driver of regional sustainable economic development stimulating business growth and new job creation. The project will improve the competitiveness of member companies and raise the profile of the East Border and COMET Regions as leaders in the development of low carbon technologies.

Project Summary:

The vision of the Smart Eco Hub Network is to form a network of innovating companies, both north and south of the border, to foster vibrant low carbon innovation so that it can become a key driver of sustainable economic development stimulating business growth and job creation. The model proposed is based on European best practice and is structured on an innovation model known as a "triple helix" whereby state agencies, research and development organisations and the private sector work together to stimulate and drive organic growth.

The Smart Eco Hub Network is a Type 1 Business Network defined as "firms collaborating for specific purposes where the results of the activity will have some identifiable and measurable impact on their business".

However like the Eco World Styria model of a business network, Smart Eco Hub will provide additional support and signposting to companies under the following categories: Innovation, Know-how, Marketing and Export.

Members will: Receive information on future market trends and business opportunities in thematic areas. Enclosed is a copy of a 'Future Radar' report that Eco World Styria gives its members.  This information can be used to guide and develop business strategies and future plans. Members will be assisted in finding market gaps. It is well documented that the development of a business strategy is essential if companies wish to be competitive in the longer term. Companies will be provided will assistance in scoping out their capabilities to identify what they need to work on of the wish to avail of opportunities. Smart Eco Hub will be proactively researching these opportunities and targeting members to engage and work on collaborative projects.

Members will also be invited to participate in idea generation workshops and networking events for members as well as receiving assistance in brokering partnerships as needed in order to bring together skills and capability, as well as business synergies which will facilitate the transformation of ideas into products and services.

A key role of the Smart Eco Hub will be to direct projects towards the relevant business development agencies who, in turn will forward them towards appropriate R&D centres, as well as identifying other external funding sources such as venture capital.  This will increase the number of businesses able to access support from regional development agencies e.g more businesses will have the capacity to progress along the Invest NI Enterprise Pipeline and access support as a result of the research and development support provided through the Smart Eco Hub project.

For Further Information on this project please contact:


Mr David Mc Donnell


Tel: + 353 (0) 42 9385722


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