Tourism Development Plan (TDP)

Project Title: EBR Tourism Development Plan (TDP)

Project Partners:  10 EBR Local Authorities

Project Budget:     £2,720,873

Project Aim: The aim of the project is to support the development of tourism products that will attract domestic and overseas visitors and will contribute towards improving the performance of the tourism industry in the eligible region.  The partner Councils have identified particular project opportunities, which will exploit the natural and built environment of the cross border region.  The partners are also seeking to build on the progress made by EBRTP in the recent past and have collaborated to improve the tourism product overall. The Tourism products will be supported on a cross border basis and will be based on niche areas including culture/heritage, Christian heritage, natural resources, marine and water based tourism.  In particular, focus will be placed on encouraging and supporting projects which will develop tourism activities and broaden the tourism season. In addition support will be provided to promote and enhance the visitor experience through improved visitor servicing in particular utilising new technologies.

The primary aims of the TDP are:

  • To raise the profile of the region to international visitor markets.
  • To encourage visitors to stay longer in the region.
  • To focus on targeted product development and enhanced visitor servicing.
  • To attract higher spend visitors and to maximise their contribution to the economy of the region.
  • To exploit the tourism potential of the region by more effective cross border co-operation to maximise impact and reduce duplication.

Project Summary

The East Border Region Tourism Partnership (EBRTP) is a cross border partnership comprising of ten local authorities which straddle the border region.

The key objective of EBRTP is to identify cross border tourism priorities, which will advance the economic potential of tourism throughout the region as a whole.  The East Border Region, despite its natural assets, is under performing as a tourism destination with the border being recognised as the main barrier.

East Border Region conducted a comprehensive consultation process during 2007 involving Councillors and Officials from across various relevant departments within its 10 member Local Authorities and in tandem with other key stakeholders within the region. The purpose of the consultation was to identify the key Tourism needs within the region and to feed these into potential programme activity. EBRTP has consulted widely with key stakeholders in the development of the key strategic tourism themes which are embedded with the national tourism strategies of Failte Ireland and NITB.

The strategic themes are:

      1. Christian Heritage

      2. Marine Water Sports and Beach Development

      3. New Technology for Visitor Servicing 

      4. Countryside Tourism

A summary of the projects is outlined below:


Christian Heritage: product scoping, cluster development, restoration, interpretation and development of key sites and access routes on a regional basis


Marine, Water sports and Countryside Tourism: Integrated inland and coastal amenity/attraction development, quay enhancements, feasibility studies and activity tourism development


New Technology for Visitor Servicing: Integrated Cross Border Visitor Servicing Initiative including scoping study provision for new technologies, Tourist Information Centre Network enhancements; signage and visitor servicing manuals

Countryside Tourism:  Development of cross border cycling and walking trails, together with enhancement arrangements for access to the countryside to faciliate participation.

For Further Information on this project please contact:


Mrs Dette Hughes                                        Mrs Lissa O'Malley 

EBR Programme Manager                              Project/Finance Officer

Tel: 028 3025 2684                                     028 3025 2684



  • Monaghan
  • LCC
  • MCC
  • Newry, Mourne and Down District Council
  • Ards and North Down Borough Council
  • Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council