About us, what we do and our mission statement.

Formed in 1976, EBR is one of the longest established local authority led cross border groups in Europe. The modern day EBR has developed into a multi skilled, multi faceted cross border organisation proficient in the draw down and management of EU funded projects which contribute to the economic development, social and cultural development of our region. In 2021 EBR is a partner in 9 Ireland/N Ireland INTERREG VA Projects, comprising 60 partners, to the value of €104million.

EBR provides a dedicated service to its core stakeholders, the six member Local Authorities. This service includes capacity building, both at elected member and official level, project identification and development, project coordination, management and compliance in respect of EU funded projects.

EBR operates to the highest level of corporate governance and has an excellent track record in EU compliance. As a result, EBR has developed a positive profile and reputation in Dublin, Belfast and Dublin. As a high profile member of the Association of Border Regions, EBR has established strong relationships with a range of organisations across the European Union.

Mission Statement

“To work with stakeholders throughout the East Border Region to ensure balanced and sustainable development on a cross border basis”

Office Bearers for 2022

Chair: Cllr Michelle Hall
Vice Chair: Cllr Robert Burgess

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