The Association of European Border Regions (AEBR) was founded in 1971 of which the East Border Region is a member. It acts for the benefit of all European border and cross border regions.

The aims of the AEBR are;

  • to make their particular problems, opportunities, tasks and projects intelligible;
  • to represent their overall interests to national and international parliaments, organs, authorities and institutions;
  • to initiate, support and co-ordinate their co-operation throughout Europe (creation of a network);
  • to exchange know-how and information in order to formulate and co-ordinate common interests on the basis of the various cross-border problems and opportunities, and to offer adequate solutions.

The objectives of the AEBR are;

  • to implement programmes and projects, to apply for funds and to receive and to dispose of them;
  • to organise events that deal with cross-border problems;
  • to help to solve cross-border problems and to support special activities;
  • to prepare and implement common campaigns within the networks;
  • to inform European political bodies and the public about cross-border issues.

East Border Region Ltd was delighted to host the Association’s Annual Conference from 21st-23rd October 2010 in Dundalk/Newry. The conference was a tremendous success with over 250 delegates from all corners of Europe visiting our Region.

Contact Details:
Association of European Border Regions (AEBR)
Secretariat general
Enscheder Str. 362
D-48599 Gronau

Phone: +49 – 2562 – 70219
Telefax: +49 – 2562 – 70259

Contact Persons:
Martin Guillermo
Cordula Pandary
Marie-Lou Perou

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